Havelock United Methodist Church
Church History 1954-1976

Church History 1954-1976

Golden Glow was organized in 1954 by the Rev. Bruce Gideon to meet the needs of the increasing number of elderly. The group reached a peak membership of 60, meeting evenings for dinner, devotions and programs. Golden Glow continues today with a luncheon, program and group singing. Twice a year homemade goodies are taken to those unable to attend.

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The old parsonage on Kearney Ave, began to show cracks in the foundation and other signs of deterioration. It had been evident for some time that the house was too small for most families. In 1959, the Official Board acquired 3 lots at the corner of 61st and Seward Streets and built a new parsonage. A loan was taken out for $20,000 and a six-room brick building and frame garage were built by contractor Ralph Fleischman. The first occupants of the new parsonage were the Rev. and Mrs. John Knight and their four young daughters.

The steadily increasing population of the area made it apparent, once again, that Havelock Methodist would have to expand. The membership had grown from 800 members in 1963 to 1080 in 1965. a building fund campaign was started and several lots of land adjoining the church were purchased. Two of the vacant houses on these lots were converted into classrooms and one was used as a residence for the student apprentice and his wife.

October 13, 1965 we celebrated the 75th anniversary of our church with two worship services. The Rev. Gale Moon from Chadron, Nebraska was guest pastor. The Rev. Richard Carlyon, District Superintendent also participated in the service. The 78 Club was in charge of the covered dish dinner that followed the service at 1 p.m.

The year 1966 was another important era in the life of the church. the mortgage on the second church was burned January 16, 1966 with the Rev. Dr. Richard Carlyon, District Superintendent, as the guest speaker. The debt free church was dedicated February 13, 1966 by Bishop Kenneth Copeland. Plans for the expansion were handed to the contractor for bids by the building committee on March 23. Money was borrowed from Mid-West Life at 5 1/2% interest. Ground was broken June 1st for the new addition. Bishop Kenneth Copeland, Dr. Richard Carlyon, and Rev. Albert Gray presided. Approximately 250 attended, with many turning up a bit of earth. The event received television and radio coverage as well. The corner-stone was laid September 25, 1966. Insufficient funds were available for the total amount. Therefore, a Charge Conference, with Dr. Lawrence Davis presiding was held June 25, 1967 to increase the indebtedness. The vote was to increase the amount, but not to exceed $35,000. Easter Sunday, March 26, 1967 the new addition was open for people to walk through. The first service in the new sanctuary was December 24. Much volunteer labor was needed. Families signed up for rooms to paint, furnish or both.

Havelock Methodist Church officially became Havelock ~United Methodist on December 3, 1968, when the Methodist and Evangelical United Brethren churches merged. As a result of this merger, the Women’s Society of Christian Service became United Methodist Women.

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The new addition was consecrated on January 14, 1969. Dr. Lawrence Davis, District Superintendent, read the consecrating lines and brought the morning message. Many special guests were in attendance. A tracker pipe organ was reconstructed and installed in the new sanctuary by Mr. Gene Bedient. Money for this project was raised by selling pipes for $6.00 each. The pipe organ was later replaced with a Rogers electronic church organ.

Drapes for the rooms were made by Mrs. Ray Edwards at a cost of $6.50 each. The Victor Anderson Parlor, (Narthex) was finished by Thanksgiving.

We celebrated our 80th anniversary, May 3, 1970. Bishop Noah Moore brought the morning message assisted by the District Superintendent, Dr. Lawrence Davis. Memorial gifts were dedicated. Following a covered dish dinner, the choir presented a concert, “Tell It Like It Is”.

The Havelock United Methodist grade school basketball team was very active in the 70’s, and won the Inter-Church Basketball League tournament for the years 1973-1974-1975.

New Parking was needed for the church members so in 1975 curbs on the north and east of the church were removed and off-street parking was completed for the amount of $10,000. Fund raising was again necessary.

A Chrismon craft group was organized in November of 1976, with 5 people at the first meeting. They agreed to make 8 Chrismons each year. The number of Chrismons made has grown to over fifty and decorate the Chrismon tree each Advent season.