Church History 1990-today

1989 found us ready to make preparations and plans for our Centennial year 1990. A committee was organized with Mrs. Kenneth Fisher as chair. Quarterly celebrations were planned. One Hundred Centennial Bible readers started a reading program, “Walk Through the Bible”. February 17, 1990 a quilt show was herd with 100 quilts displayed. More than 350 persons attended. Lincoln Historian Jim McKee spoke at the Sunday morning worship service February 18th, giving us the early history of the Havelock area.

Former pastor the Rev. Richard Atherton and the Rev. Dan Safarik, a former student apprentice now ordained minister, conducted the worship services for our second celebration May 20, 11990. Fifty and seventy-five year Methodist members were honored. Mabel and Ivan Armstrong were recognized for being the longest active members of Havelock United Methodist Church-66 years. A dinner was served by the Centennial committee at noon for the congregation and guests.

The church welcomed John Knight and Clarence Smith, former pastors at Havelock United Methodist, who conducted both worship services on August 19th. A 3 O’clock performance of “Cameos of a Century” was performed. Each “cameo” represented a period of history of the church. The gospel Ensemble sang several numbers and the celebration ended with an old-fashioned ice cream social.

Our final celebration, October 21, 1990 we were honored to have Bishop J. Woodrow Hearn and District Superintendent Warren Swartz lead us in worship. A catered banquet followed the last service. The program consisted’ of glancing back at what had been, and speculating on what the future might be. Mementos of the past century were displayed in the Friendship parlor.

Thoughts of the future cause many persons to I tremble with fear and doubt. Yet, others view the same future with eager anticipation as an opportunity for new ventures with Christ in service to God and Neighbor.

Havelock - bishop NEW

On Aug. 16, 2015, the church celebrated its 125th anniversary, with Bishop Scott J. Jones of the Great Plains Conference leading worship, with Blue River District Superintendent Bill Ritter and Rev. Amy Seifert, who began serving Havelock UMC in July of that year, assisting in the service.

The church experienced a period of revitalization from 2015 to 2018, with the reinstitution of Vacation Bible School, adult Sunday school, bell choir and seasonal Bible studies. In 2018, the church voted at a special charge conference that it wanted to maintain its growth momentum and chose to once again become a single-point charge.

The Rev. Todd Karges assumed the role of Havelock’s pastor July 1, 2018.

Change is perhaps the most permanent aspect of human experience. To successfully cope with the changes of the future, we will need to call upon the resources of our individual and corporate faith which can empower us to live as God’s people in a new age. We need to adopt the counsel given Joshua as he faced the challenge of leadership when he succeeded Moses. (Joshua 1:9) “…Be determined and confident! Do not be afraid or discouraged, for I, the Lord your God, am with you wherever you go.” Jesus reinforces this promise in Matthew 28:20, “…I will be with you always to the end of the age.”

Let us be determined and confident as we go forward in worship and service.

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