Fellowship Hall Campaign

During the past 6 months that we have been away from church many of you may not be aware that there has been an ongoing issue with the Fellowship Hall that has progressed to the point that we are currently not able to use that area of the church. As most of you know in the past we have had problems with parts of the ceiling and tiles falling down from the upper existing ceiling, however now it is at the point where the Fellowship Hall has become a safety hazard. The Trustees committee has been working closely with Gary Ehlers and a contractor Above & Beyond LLC who has been hired to do the repair work. This is going to be a major project. It will consist of removal of all suspended ceiling in the Fellowship hall and tearing out any falling insulation and panels from above. Reinsulating and finishing the original cathedral ceiling and installing finished ceiling boards to cover old ceiling to an appropriate finished look. Also there will be drywall repair at each end of the room and painting to match our existing walls. We will also have to reset all light fixtures and heating and air ducts. We will be installing new ducting for the air conditioner unit in East Hallway through Esther’s Closet and into the back kitchen area by the current pie ovens and refrigerators. Construction is scheduled to begin around September 1 st should be completed in October, 2020. We have all agreed that we want our Fellowship Hall to be open safely for our congregation and also for others to use in the future as our church continues to grow.

This renovation of the Fellowship Hall is long overdue and much needed now due to safety issues however it comes with a price. This project will cost around $20,000.

We are reaching out to all of you for support. HUMC would like to launch a matching fundraiser campaign beginning September 1 st ! We are asking for donations from our church family to help pay for these repairs. The best part of this is that any and all donations that are received, HUMC will match your donations money we already have in savings! Any donation will be appreciated and no donation is too small. Asking for money from people is never an easy request but we all have faith in our congregation that you will help pull us through this time of need just as you have in the past. Donations can be made on-line or you can mail a check to the church office at 4140 N. 60 th Lincoln NE 68507. Please designate any donations you would like to contribute to the Fellowship Hall Project so our Finance committee is aware.


We thank all of you for your continued support and loyalty to HUMC. We are looking forward to the future here at Havelock and all the many dinners, activities and social gatherings we will continue to have. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Gary Ehlers or Julie Burt.

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